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Coxheath Primary School

Year 3

This term, our global theme is ‘Innovation’. Our core text is ‘Harley Hitch and the Iron Forest’, a story about Harley, her robot dog Sprocket and best friend Cosmo who take on problem-solving adventures and mysteries in Inventia, a world made from mechanical parts, where science rules and technology grows. However, without essential parts for inventions, the town is quickly falling apart… Throughout the term, we will discuss inventions old and new, such as the Iron Age rotary quern and the COVID vaccine and will consider their impact on our own lives.


In History, we will be learning about the Iron Age. We will explore artefacts to make deductions about life in the Iron Age. We will compare life in the Iron Age to life in 21st century Britain, identifying how life has changed and considering how recent inventions will change our way of life.


In Maths, we will be exploring the mathematical concepts of time, money and statistics. We will revise telling the time to a quarter of an hour using analogue and digital clocks before moving on to tell the time to the nearest minute and comparing durations. In addition, we will revise adding and subtracting amounts of money. Finally, we will collect data and use a variety of ways to record and interpret data, including tables, pictograms, tally charts and bar charts.


In DT, we will be designing water wheels, using a range of construction materials including cogs and motors. We will explore the whole production cycle, creating annotated sketches prior to implementing and then reviewing our designs.


In our Music lessons, we will learn how to play the COVID friendly wind instrument, the ocarina. We will read sheet music, master our breathing techniques and memorise finger patterns. Across all subjects, we will consider innovation through evaluating and reflecting on our learning.


For Computing, we will explore the world of simulation. We will discuss how simulation allows us to re-enact dangerous real life situations, while it also poses a number of challenges.


For Reading, please continue to read with your child for 10 minutes every day. If you do not have your Bug Club login details, please contact your child’s class teacher.