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Term 5

In Maths, we will continue to consolidate our previous learning on the four operations within fractions. Children will continue to practice their arithmetic and Times Tables weekly. We will apply the inverse to check for accuracy and errors within our calculations. Children will also be introduced to Ratio, Shape and Algebra.

In Literacy this term, we will be writing our own narrative. Our narrative will include previously taught grammar, such as speech, and the use of subordination.  In addition, we will learn to enhance our editing skills by inserting sophisticated vocabulary, adding specific grammar features and using our knowledge of phonetic sounds to spell words correctly. 

In Science, children will continue to learn about Evolution and Inheritance.  They will learn to recognise the connection between parents and children, understand fossilisation, and learn about Charles Darwin and his contribution to scientific theories.

This term in DT, we will be sewing our very own waistcoats. We will choose our material, measure, cut our pattern, join pieces using a running stitch, sew buttons and finally evaluate our final piece.


In Computing, we will use Purple Mash to understand Binary.  Children will learn the basic principles of Binary coding. Children will programme a series of simple steps using 2Code.

This term in History, we will be learning about the civil rights movement.  We will cover key terminology related to this period in History. Children will identify key dates related to the civil rights movement and use a timeline to understand the key events before and after.

During our PSHE lessons, we will explore the transition into secondary school, understand the different changes our friendship may go through, and changes we may experience as we leave primary school.

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