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Term 5

This term, we will be learning about Oceans and Seas. We will be exploring the relationship between the land, sea and ocean. As well as identifying where the oceans are located around the world, how deep the ocean is, what creatures live in the ocean and why it is so important to look after them. This fits into our global theme of Environment. The children will learn about the different continents on Earth and begin to understand their place in the world.

We will be learning the following key vocabulary within our Geography sessions:











We continuously encourage the children to use ambitious vocabulary and have a good understanding of what words mean. This term, we are going to be focussing on one word each week and encourage parents to support children in using the new vocabulary at home.  

Within our Phonics sessions, most children are learning the Phase 5 sounds, including the alternative spellings and pronunciations of well-known sounds. Some children are working on the Phase 3 sounds, ensuring they are more confident in recognising, reading and writing them when spelling. We will be preparing the children to take their Phonic Screening Checks in June by doing lots of practise at reading real and fake words. As the children are becoming more fluent at reading, we will be focussing on considering punctuation cues and developing expression. Comprehension will also continue to be a focus and we are going to be covering a variety of genres during our daily story time session.

In English, we are learning about character descriptions, setting descriptions and diary entries. Our writing will be inspired by The Snail and the Whale, which is a beautifully written book about a tiny snail going on a journey around the world with a humpback whale. We will continue to focus on the formation of sentences, including capital letters, full stops and finger spaces to ensure that this learning is consolidated.

In Maths, we will be exploring addition and subtraction within twenty and moving on to working on numbers within fifty. The children will be learning how to recognise, write and count forwards and backwards within 50, compare numbers and objects within 50 and order numbers within 50. We will finally be moving on to multiplication and division towards the end of term.

In Art, we have the benefit of the resident artist joining our art lessons this term, this will extend the children’s skills in art through support from her expertise. We will be focussing on mixed media and using these to represent the ocean. We will be using a variety of media including ink, shaving foam and paint.

In our MFL lessons, we will be learning to understand French commands. The children will be learning the following commands: stand up and sit down; look and listen; open and close book and hand up.

In PE, the children will be working with our specialist dance teacher, Miss Sargent, who will be teaching the children a dance routine. We will also be covering the Striking and Fielding unit; developing skills including throwing and catching, stopping a rolling ball, retrieving a ball and striking a ball. We will foster a climate of healthy competition and learn how to score points fairly.

In RE, we will be exploring sacred books. We will begin with learning about why certain books can be special and then we will move on to learning about the Bible and the Qur’an. Finally, we will explore some stories from those sacred books and discuss the importance of these stories for Christians and Muslims.

In Computing, the children will be learning all about coding. They will begin to understand how programming creates new software, like apps and games. They will be using symbols to input specific instructions to characters and will have the opportunity to explore program designing and planning a program in some lessons.

For Reading, please continue to read your child’s school book with them every day. Please record all reading in their Learning Journals and tally up the reads for your child’s teacher to see.


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