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Term 4

In our literacy lessons this term, we will be learning lots of skills and techniques to enable us to write an entertaining action narrative. We will be working on our use of speech within a narrative so that we can convey a character and advance the action. In addition, we will be learning how to use a semicolon in our writing to join two independent clauses. It would be useful for the children to keep a look out for some high-paced actions scenes in their reading to see how the writer creates a tense atmosphere.

This term we will be studying Population in Geography. We will be learning how and why populations grow and how populations have changed over time. We will also explore the challenges a growing and ageing population can raise as well as the global inequality in food security.

In Maths, we will be learning about decimals and percentages. We will also be revising previously taught skills and developing our problem solving and reasoning skills. Please continue to learn multiplication tables and division facts at home, as they are fundamental to the Year 6 curriculum.

In DT, we will be exploring electrical systems and creating a steady hand game. The children will conduct market research and design their own steady hand game based on a brief. They will then assemble their game using their knowledge of circuits and electrical systems.

For Computing, children will be creating a computer game that uses text instead of graphics and applying their knowledge of coding to identify and remove errors from the programme they have created.

In PE, we will be doing OAA and Handball. In OAA, the children will develop teamwork skills through completing a number of challenges. In Handball, the children will develop key skills of attacking and defending such as throwing, catching, dribbling, intercepting and shooting. They will use these skills to maintain possession of the ball and to create scoring opportunities in attack. They will develop defending principles such as gaining possession of the ball, denying space and stopping goals.

In Science, we will continue to develop our understanding of electrical circuits. We will learn to identify parts of a circuit and explore how they work by making our own. We will also learn to record our findings, using the correct scientific symbols and language. We will then learn about conductors and insulators and complete scientific investigations to explore their functions.

In RE, we will be studying the topic, ‘If God is everywhere, why go to a place of worship?’ We will learn about the various purposes of a place of worship as well as how believers see these places. We will also explore the idea of God’s presence on earth and in believers’ lives.

In PSHE, we will continue exploring how the media can influence people. Through this topic, we will explore media literacy and digital resilience. We will discuss how the media can influence and affect decision-making. As part of this, we will also look at how we can stay safe online, making sure we are protecting ourselves.

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