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Term 4

During Geography this term, we will be learning about hot and cold places. We will learn how the temperature affects hot and cold places across different continents on Earth. We will make comparisons between the weather in Maidstone and in Malindi, using some of the following key vocabulary in our work:

  • atlas
  • continent
  • equator
  • climate
  • thermometer

In English, we will continue to identify adjectives and nouns to write expanded noun phrases. Children will write setting descriptions of hot and cold places applying their knowledge of punctuation and adjectives. This term we will also learn how to use a possessive apostrophe accurately.

In Phonics, we will continue to identify different ways of spelling a sound using our Sounds-Write scheme. We will practise segmenting and blending words to read and spell. Our reading books will review the phonics that we have been learning in class.

Maths this term will focus on solving two-step problems. We will also move on to multiplication and division; using concrete resources and visuals to develop our understanding.

In DT this term, we will design and build our own fairground wheels. We will revise our understanding of wheels and axles to create rotating components. Our design brief will reflect our likes and dislikes of current fairground wheels, informing our own design choices. We will evaluate our design to ensure that it is stable and strong and will make suggestions to improve our designs.

PSHE lessons will focus on how to stay safe. We will learn about symbols that tell us that there is a hazard. We will cover a range of themes including fire, water and road safety.

Science lessons will focus on plants. We will build on our understanding on what plants need survive. Through planting our own seeds, we will have hands on experience on how to take care of plants to ensure that they survive. We will group seeds; identifying their similarities and differences and how they are dispersed.

For RE, we will explore the question ‘Who is Muslim and what do they believe?’ We will express our own beliefs and respectfully listen to the views of others. We hope to be visited by a person with religious beleifs and will pose thoughtful questions to expand our learning.

In Computing, children will learn how to use coding to create simple algorithms.  

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