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Term 2

Term 2
This term, we will be exploring the city of London, in connection with our English text, Paddington, and within the topic ‘All about London’.
We will be looking at this topic within our History sessions where we will be finding out lots of interesting information about London city centre and about how it was created. We will be looking at similarities and differences in London from past to present; also linking back to last term’s learning about cities, towns and villages.

Our core text is ‘Paddington’, which is the original story about a little bear who has travelled to London from the Darkest Peru. We will be learning all about different types of words, such as adjectives, nouns and verbs, and looking at the structure of sentences.
We will be learning the following key vocabulary:
Capital City
Northern Ireland
United Kingdom
Throughout the term, we will be looking closely at maps of the UK, how London was created and what devastating events have occurred in London in the past, including the Great Fire of London and the Gunpowder Plot. We are going to be exploring different types of London transport to identify the importance of these when travelling around a city.

Children are having their daily Phonics and Guided Reading lessons, which help them to read, blend and segment words, allowing them to become confident, fluent readers and writers. In our Phonics lessons, we are continuing to recap the Phase 3 sounds and are moving onto learning the Phase 5 sounds. In our Writing lessons, we will be focussing on the construction of sentences and looking closely at different word types and their use within a sentence.

In Maths, we will be exploring addition. We will be using the number line and part-whole model to support the children in adding objects and numbers together to make a total.

In DT, we will be looking at moving toys. We will be learning how to join parts together using split pins and making our own Christmas moving toys!

In our Music lessons, we will be learning to sing Rhythm in the Way We Walk and our Christmas songs ready for the Christmas service. We will be teaching the children how to listen for the pulse in the music and to count the number of beats in a melody.

In PE, we will be doing gymnastics, focussing on balancing, different types of jumping, getting into different shapes and performing sequences. We will be teaching the children how to use their muscles to help them balance within different positions and sequences.

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