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Term 1

In Literacy this term, we will revise the key terminology and writing skills that the children learnt last year to make sure we are really secure in using and applying them. By the end of the term, we will be creating our own non-chronological report on peculiar plants.

In Science, we will explore electricity and learn about the parts of an electrical circuit, including how to create circuit diagrams and how to identify conductors and insulators. The children will then plan their own enquiries, theorise and record accurate measurements.  

In Art, we will create a piece of close-up art inspired by nature. We will be developing our shading techniques, analysing a piece of macro work and exploring the use of colour. We will evaluate the work of artist Georgia O’Keeffe, who is renowned for her contribution to modern art.  

In Computing, we will learn about coding. The children will design a game with a timer and a score. This will enable them to plan and use selection and variables, understand how the launch command works and to use functions and understand why they are useful. 

In RE this term, we will explore the question ‘What difference does it make to believe in Ahimsa (harmlessness), Grace (the generosity of God), and Ummah (community)?’ Through this question, we will explore three religions, discussing and considering the impact of ahimsa, grace and Ummah. We will also be making links between the three concepts: how are they similar and how are they different? Which has most impact and why? 

This term in History, we will be learning all about the ‘Industrial Revolution’ and its impact on our local area. We will begin by exploring the main features of Victorian Society and then discuss the working and living conditions during the Industrial Revolution and discuss the advantages and disadvantages the Industrial Revolution caused for working-class people.

Initially in Maths, we will focus on shape and place value, and then towards the end of the term we will move onto to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In the first few weeks we will consolidate learning from Year 5 as well as introduce new concepts such as, ‘Powers of 10’.  We will continue to test multiplication facts regularly and children can use TTRS to improve their times tables fluency.

Our PSHE topic will focus on how we can keep healthy as we grow. We will explore the importance of looking after our mental and physical health. Towards the end of the term, we will focus on identifying the difference between habits that enhance our healthy lifestyle from those that do not. 

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