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We believe that science should be a hands-on, engaging, and practical experience for all students at Coxheath. An experience that fuels their natural interest and enthusiasm, as well as demonstrating that all of their thoughts, opinions, and questions are valued. We strive to ensure that the Science curriculum we provide offers children with the confidence, passion, and ambition to continue to develop their scientific skills as they progress through their education. 

Our science curriculum aims to cultivate a curiosity in all children, and while engaging in the broad science offer, the children will gain specific skills and knowledge to assist them in thinking scientifically, gaining an understanding of scientific processes, as well as an understanding of the uses and implications of science today and in the future.  Instead of following a specific scheme, the science curriculum at Coxheath is being developed by staff.  Although we carefully following the National Curriculm for primary science, through our progressive, carefully considered, knowledge rich lessons, children build on their existing schemas, allowing them to continuously develop and strengthen their scientific knowledge, language and skills in order to apply this to new concepts, experiences and enquiries.  

Through conversations with the children, we regular review our curriculum based on their conceptual understanding and passion in the subject. We use these reviews to continuously improve our understanding of what the children know, what gaps they might have and how we can ensure we overcome these.  We want to create a science curriculum that fosters knowledge acquisition and learning development, as well as, to empower the children with a deep grasp of the world they live in, together with specialised information and abilities that will enable them to think scientifically, comprehend scientific procedures, and comprehend the applications and implications of science, both now and in the future. 

We want our children to be passionate about science. We want them to grow up wanting to be astronauts, forensic scientists or ecologists, with no limitations to their dreams. We want our children to remember their science classes at our school, to treasure these memories, and to grasp the scientific possibilities that come their way! 

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