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Religious Education

At Coxheath, we believe that exploring religious and non-religious worldviews is important for children to develop an understanding of their own beliefs and ways of living and to consider life's big questions. RE is a national entitlement for all pupils, unless they have been withdrawn by their parents from some or all of the RE curriculum. Our RE syllabus is produced by Kent SACRE and RE Today and brilliantly supports the idea of understanding religion and non-religious worldviews. 

From the beginning of their educational journey in EYFS, children learn about special people, places and times; discussing where they belong in the world and drawing upon their own life experiences. Children will be introduced to some subject specific words through stories and visiting places of worship. In Key Stage 1, children begin to use religious vocabulary to explain the significance and meaning of different religious practices and will handle religious artefacts. They will develop the confidence to express their own beliefs and respond respectfully to the views of others. By the end of Key Stage 2, pupils will be introduced to a range subject specific vocabulary and will use this when composing their arguments centred around own increasingly challenging questions about religion, belief, values and human life. 

At Coxheath, we recognise that religious and non-religious worldviews form a crucial part of the identity and culture of our community. We encourage and invite our children, families and local religious leaders to share and celebrate their culture within school through assemblies, workshops and class discussions. We strive to celebrate diversity and share the personal experiences of children within our school, in ways that enhance our children’s spiritual, moral and cultural development.


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