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Modern Foreign Languages

At Coxheath Primary School we wish to promote the learning of a Modern Foreign language, with French being the language we have chosen to study. We have made this decision based on our proximity to France, staff subject knowledge and the availability of high quality resources to support the children’s learning. Interestingly, the village of Coxheath is also twinned with La Séguinière in Maine-et-Loire, France. In Key Stage 1, children are exposed to French vocabulary from the class teacher and classroom visuals. In Key Stage 2, with a greater understanding of the English language, the children will follow the Language Angels scheme of work. Language Angels provides a sequenced and engaging curriculum that consistently revisits key vocabulary, enabling retrieved and retained knowledge. 

In an increasingly multi-cultural society, it is important for children to have the opportunity to listen to, read, write and speak another language. At Coxheath, we have carefully considered our language curriculum and designed a scheme that covers key areas of vocabulary through a variety of topics and themes. It is our aim that the children will develop an understanding and curiosity for a language and culture other than their own and lay the foundation for future language learning. 

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