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At Coxheath Primary School we have high expectations for every child. Teaching for mastery in Maths is essentially the expectation that all pupils will gain a deep understanding of the maths they are learning. For understanding in Maths to be secure, learning needs to be built on solid foundations.

A mastery approach to the curriculum means pupils spend longer learning about key mathematical concepts and exploring these in greater depth. Gaps in learning are prevented through carefully sequenced ‘small steps’ of learning which allow children on build upon prior knowledge. Children’s understanding is assessed within the lesson and same-day intervention is in place to support children with additional practise if needed. Those children who grasp the concepts more quickly are given opportunities to deepen their understanding and improve their reasoning skills rather than accelerating on to new curriculum content.

Problem solving is central and opportunities are given for pupils to calculate with confidence, ensuring opportunities for exploring mathematical structures, thinking strategically, working systematically and making conjectures.

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