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Term 6

‘Commotion in the Ocean’

For this final term of Year R we are diving into our learning with our splashily exciting topic ‘Commotion in the Ocean’!  To kick off we will be exploring the ‘villains of our sea’ (sharks) and discovering just what amazing creatures they are!  We will be using the wonderful text ‘Surprising Sharks’ written by Zoologist Nicola Davies, which is packed with fascinating details and incredible facts about sharks and their habitats.

In Understanding the World, we will explore the question ‘What is special about our world’ by discussing what makes our world special. However, we will also explore the concept of ‘Plastic in our Oceans’ and learn how we can help to improve marine conditions by recycling single use plastics.  In Expressive Art and Design, we will be recycling plastics to create some impressive pieces of artwork including turtles, sharks and jellyfish. We will use the Internet and nature books to learn some interesting facts about each of these creatures. We will consider the question:

Later in the term, we will move on to Julia Donaldson’s wonderful storybook ‘Tiddler’ which will become the basis for us to produce some super sentences using our own extravagant ideas on why Tiddler might be late for school!!! 

In Maths, we will be working on developing a deeper understanding of the components of numbers to 10.  We will be working with ten frames and playing games to help children develop a ‘mental number line’ of numbers to 10. 

The final part of this term will focus on ‘Pirates’ we will be looking back at the time of pirates and considering ‘now’ and ‘then’.  We will look carefully at pirate ships and modern day ships comparing and contrasting similarities and differences.  We will be deriving our very own pirate names and turning photographs of ourselves into fearsome pirates. 

So Battle Down the Hatches and let the learning begin!

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