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At Coxheath Primary School, we are always seeking new and creative ways of engaging children in learning experiences that motivate them to deepen their knowledge and understanding and to develop a life-long love of learning.

We encourage children to become proficient in using vocabulary that is challenging yet relevant to what they are learning, in both their written work and their discussions. We encourage our children to express themselves clearly using a wide range of appropriate and precise vocabulary, which is relevant to their learning, in discussions and written work.

We couple high quality teaching with a coherent and progressive curriculum, which builds sequentially on what has come before. Our curriculum is rooted in cognitive science, drawing on current research on how children learn and retain knowledge in the long term.

We value our wider community and seek feedback from children and parents in order to continually improve our curriculum. Workshops are planned to ensure that our parents are fully aware of how best to support their child’s learning.

We recognise that all children have different strengths and interests and offer a broad and balanced curriculum that extends beyond the classroom. We provide a range of opportunities including sports, arts and music clubs as well as educational visits and workshops to allow each child an opportunity develop their cultural awareness and essential knowledge that they need to be successful citizens of the future.

Here at Coxheath Primary School we are passionate about reading and the wealth of opportunity that high quality books provide for children. With this in mind, we are transforming our curriculum by ensuring that each term’s learning is based around one or more high quality texts. We want to enthuse the children we teach and are therefore creating a curriculum that will not only inspire them but also challenge them in their learning.

We provide rich opportunities for the pupils to explore citizenship and real life world issues, which at times they may have to grapple with to make sense of. This in turn helps them to develop skills such as collaboration and communication, thus equipping them with the necessary skills for life in the modern world.

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