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When it comes to Art, what do we want for our children at Coxheath Primary School?

We want children to leave having had as many varied and high-quality experiences that both challenge their perceptions of art and develop within them the belief that they can be artists.

We will provide them with the skills, knowledge and opportunities to be inspired to create and express themselves through their own art.

Here at Coxheath, we understand that art is one of the most valuable tools through which our children will develop an understanding of their culture both past and present. It is our aim to give children the experiences and skills to be inspired to create their own works of art.​    Through a range of challenging activities children will be encouraged to form their own opinions regarding their preferences and to see art as a form of personal expression. The curriculum will present opportunities to explore and challenge stereotypes, attitudes, bias and prejudice.​ Children will look at a wide range of artists- working in a range of art movements- and begin to develop their own artistic intentions, understanding that art can be many things.

       During their time at Coxheath Primary School, children will experience working with a wide range of media and tools. Alongside the development of drawing and painting skills, children will work in 3 dimensions using textiles, wire and clay as well as a variety of printing techniques and mixed media pieces. Opportunities to revisit each and further develop their skills and knowledge are built into their curriculum. In each of the eighteen topics, children will gradually develop their ability to create with artistic intention and to reflect and evaluate both their own pieces and those of others. 

      We believe that assessment should be positive guidance for improvement rather than a judgement. The process of assessing art should develop and improve learning. At the centre of all this is the creative process: when an artist steps back to look at their work, they are determining what is working and what isn't, what still needs development and what they should do next. This is a process that children will continually experience and revisit throughout their time with us. 

      In addition to all of this, we ensure that every child at our school has the opportunity to work with our very talented resident artist during the year. 

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