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Coxheath Primary School

Year 6

This term, our global theme is ‘Wellbeing’. We will be exploring the renowned fable ‘Animal Farm’ to develop our understanding of power and influence within societies. We will pay close attention to those animals on the farm who have been marginalised and the impact on their wellbeing. Discussions will inevitably delve into global political and historical issues.

In History, the study of the Tudor Dynasty will consolidate our understanding of power, through learning about the kings and queens who create upheaval within the tudor era which still impacts our lives today. We will also learn about their actions and how these had a significant impact on the lives of the poor. We will be encouraged to ask questions about these historic times but also about the injustices that we continue to face in the 21st century. 

In Computing, we will not only learn how to write our own blogs but we will also consider the influence of social media on our lives. We will revise strategies to keep ourselves and others safe online and will seek ways to use technology to influence positive social change. 

Our DT learning will be centred around cooking and nutrition. We will be looking at the national influence of Jamie Oliver and his impact on school meals. We will design our own balanced schools meals, culminating in a debate and presentation to Mr Mazza in a bid to have influence on our school meal design. 

In Music, we will consider how music has an impact on a global scale. We will appraise music written by national legend Bob Geldof and his philanthropic approach to music. 

For reading, please continue to encourage your child to read at home for at least 10 minutes per day. If you do not have your Bug Club login details, please contact your child’s class teacher.

Please click on the attachments below to find out more about the curriculum content for our Year 6 classes.