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Coxheath Primary School

Year 6

Hello Year 6! We have uploaded tasks that you should be able to complete on your own whist you are at home. Look carefully as the tasks are labelled for either 'P & H' (Pevensey & Herstmonceux), 'Mrs L grp' (Mrs Lonergan's maths group) or 'Miss P grp' (Miss Peters' maths grp). We will assign one set of spelling words per week and these will be on the Monday page.

We hope you are all well and looking after yourselves. Don't forget that your parents are not used to teaching you and are doing an amazing job trying to work, keep you safe and help you with your school work - we know how tough this is for them and you so remember to be your usual lovely selves to make their day a bit easier! We miss you and hope to see you soon.

Miss Peters & Mrs Lonergan.