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Coxheath Primary School

Year 4

This term our global theme is ‘Wellbeing’. Our core texts are ‘Grandpa’s Great Escape’ and ‘The Truth About Old People’. ‘Grandpa’s Great Escape’ is a story about a boy trying to rescue his confused yet adventurous grandfather from a retirement home. Our studies in History will enable us to learn about social change for minority groups since the end of WWII.

Our complementary text, ‘The Truth About Old People’ challenges age stereotypes in a hilarious and engaging way to help us understand the importance of ensuring the elderly in our local community are treated with respect. We will be writing letters, biographies and poems which challenge long-standing stereotypes about the elderly. 

In RE, we will focus on why some people perceive life as a journey, We will discuss how life may be transient and will share our ideas of key milestones that happen throughout one’s life. Drawing on our knowledge on different major religions, we will explore their views on life and will draw similarities between their beliefs. 

In Art, we will be evaluating Banksy’s artwork and identifying the political messages that are conveyed through his art. We will be creating stencils of our own to produce pieces which reflect our learning about stereotypes and our artwork will aim to challenge these preconceived ideas. 

In Music, we will be learning how to play ukuleles. We will name the different parts of ukuleles before moving on to play chords C, F and G7. We will practise playing two chords and where possible, we will sing along to these songs and may perhaps, write some of our own. 

For reading, please continue to encourage your child to read at home for at least 10 minutes per day. If you do not have your Bug Club login details, please contact your child’s class teacher.

Please click on the attachments below to find out more about the curriculum content for our Year 4 classes.