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Term 5

This term we will use a range of different mediums to inspire our writing because we are going to be producing many short creative pieces so that we can practise the skills and techniques that we have learnt over our time in KS2. We will refine our use of dialogue, looking at how we can use speech to create tension, advance action and develop characters within our writing and we will develop our understanding of how we can use a semi-colon to add clarity for more detailed lists.

This term we will be studying Twentieth Century Conflict in History. We will learn about the causes of the First World War and consider why so many lives were lost on the Western Front. We will study the Treaty of Versailles and discuss its impact. Following this, we will move on to study how Hitler rose to power and what life was like in Nazi Germany. Finally, we will consider whether the Second World War was inevitable.

In Maths, we will be exploring Algebra, Ratio and Area & Perimeter. We will also revise previously taught methods and developing our problem solving skills. Please do continue to learn multiplication tables and division facts at home, as they are fundamental to the Year 6 curriculum.

In Science, we will be learning about light. The children will learn how we need light in order to see things. We will also investigate reflection and refraction. Following this, we will explore where different colours come from and how shadows are formed.

In Art, we will be studying the life and work of Henry Moore. We will be exploring the paintings he produced as an official war artist in World War 2. We will design and complete our own painting in this style using the same techniques.

For Computing, we will be learning how to use Microsoft Excel. The children will use a variety of spreadsheet tools, learn how to carry out basic calculations and incorporate formulae. At the end of this unit, the children will have gained an understanding of how a spreadsheet can be used to plan an event and represent their data graphically.

In PE, we will be doing Rounders. We will develop the quality and consistency of their fielding skills and understanding of when to use them such as throwing underarm and overarm, catching and retrieving a ball. We will learn how to play the different roles of bowler, backstop, fielder and batter and to apply tactics in these positions. In all games activities, we will think about how we use skills, strategies and tactics to outwit the opposition. Pupils will work with a partner and group to organise and self-manage their own games. In addition to this, pupils will play rounders with integrity and great sportsmanship.

In RE, we will be studying the topic 'What matters most to Christians and Humanists?’

This topic will enable the children to build upon their knowledge of Christianity and we will identify similarities and differences to the Humanist way of life.

In PSHE, we will be continuing to learn about how the media can influence people. This term, we will be focusing on how the media can create mixed messages and that sometimes, we need to be careful what we trust in the media. We will also discuss how to respond to content that makes us feel uneasy and what we should do when we do not like what we have read.



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