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Term 4

This term, we will be learning about significant explorers and adventurers. We will be exploring the lives of these men, highlighting important events and comparing their lives. This links with our global theme Innovation as the two men discovered and explored new, amazing places.

We will be learning the following key vocabulary within our History sessions:








In alignment with our curriculum intent, we are continually developing the children’s oracy skills, ensuring they are confident in articulating themselves, using ambitious vocabulary and have a good understanding of what words mean. This term, we are going to be focussing on the following words and their definitions: expert; observe; compare; classify; fierce; wander; intelligent; arctic.

Children are having their daily Phonics and Guided Reading lessons, which help them to read, blend and segment words, allowing them to become confident, fluent readers and writers. ‚ÄčIn our Phonics lessons, we are teaching and recapping the Phase 5 sounds and supporting children in ensuring they can confidently recognise, read and write words including all of the phonemes. In our Guided Reading lessons, we are continuing to focus on gaining reading fluency and getting the children to identify familiar words by sight. Reading comprehension will continue weekly, giving all children the opportunity to answer written and multiple-choice questions about their reading book.

In English, we are basing our learning around the core text Poles Apart, which is about a family of penguins getting lost on their way to have a picnic. They end up in the North Pole, where a friendly polar bear takes them on an adventure around the world to get back to their home in the South Pole. We think the children will really enjoy this story and that it will inspire them in their writing. The children will be building up to writing a recount about the penguins’ journey around the world and a non-chronological report about penguins. Throughout the term we will continue to focus on sentence structure (capital letter, finger spaces and full stop), introducing the children to writing questions and the difference between singular and plural nouns.

In Maths, we will be continuing to explore subtraction, using manipulatives and different methods to support the children with this. We will be continuing to use addition when solving problems and finding number bonds. We will be moving on to place value within 20, where the children will be representing numbers to 20 in different ways, finding one more and one less, comparing numbers and finding tens and ones within numbers.

In DT, we will be making our very own penguin puppets out of felt. We will be exploring different ways of joining materials and how to decorate the puppets using other materials.

In our Music lessons, we will be learning to sing a new song, ‘Round and Round’, focussing on identifying the pulse, rhythm and pitch within the music.

In PE, we will be focussing on team building where the children will develop their communication and problem solving skills. They will work individually, in pairs and in small groups, learning to take turns, work collaboratively and lead each other. They are given the opportunity to discuss and plan their ideas to get the most successful outcome.

In RE, we will be continuing to explore sacred places and learn all about the Easter story. We will be learning about Christian pilgrimages and about the Hajj in Mecca, which is a sacred place for Muslims. We will be exploring why and how Easter is celebrated and sequencing the Easter story.  

In Computing, the children will be creating an animated story on Purple Mash. They will be using the programme 2 Create a Story to explore adding text, animation and sound on the computer. We will be encouraging the children to practise and become more confident in typing, which will support them in writing on the computer in the future.

For Reading, please continue to read your child’s school book with them every day. Please record all reading in their Learning Journals and tally up the reads for your child’s teacher to see.

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