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Coxheath Primary School


Literacy, Communication and Language

This term, we are reading ‘The Colour Monster’ and ‘I Don’t Want to Wash my Hands’ linked to our global theme ‘Wellbeing’.

‘The Colour Monster’ will help us to explore our own feelings and we will be writing captions to describe the Colour Monster’s feelings too. ‘I Don’t Want to Wash My Hands’ will encourage us to discuss the importance of washing our hands and we will begin to consider the challenges across the world for those who do not have clean running water to wash their hands.


We will be focusing on our phase 2 and phase 3 tricky words.


Please do continue to support your child with reading at home. If you do not have your Bug Club login details, please contact your child’s class teacher.


This term, we will be learning about sharing and halving; making links to the 2 times tables. We will use a range of manipulatives to support our conceptual understanding. We will also begin measuring weight using mathematical vocabulary such as: heavy, light, more than and less than.

Understanding the World

We will compare England and our access to clean water with countries such as South Sudan where access to clean water is limited. We will carry out the ‘bread experiment’ to show how germs can spread and consolidate our understanding of the importance of clean water.

Expressive Art and Design

Using our literacy text ‘The Colour Monster’, we will explore colour; mixing colours to represent our own emotions, which links strongly to our global theme ‘Wellbeing’. Using threading, we will create our own Colour Monsters and will hopefully be able to teach our Colour Monsters strategies to manage its emotions. We are looking forward to using our doctor’s surgery for role play and will teach the Little Princess why it is important to wash her hands.  

Physical Education

This term, PE will focus on dance where we will explore moving with our bodies and keeping in time with music.

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