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Coxheath Primary School


This term, our global theme is ‘Innovation’. To begin the term, we will be reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, a story that follows a tiny caterpillar and his magical journey to becoming a butterfly. We will then move on to read ‘The Tiny Seed.’ a story that follows the adventures of a seed who travels through a range of environments, before finding the perfect conditions to grow into a beautiful flower. Through our exploration of these texts, we will be sequencing and performing the stories through role play, writing our own versions using captions and simple sentences and completing an innovation project. This will include designing, advertising, making and selling our own cress head plants.


In Maths we will be re-capping and developing the skills we have learnt throughout the academic year. This will include addition, subtraction, number bonds to 5 and 10, doubles and comparing quantities using the vocabulary more than and less than. We will also be using pictograms to find out what our favourite fruit is linked to one of our core texts.


Through Understanding of the World, we will be identifying minibeasts that we have in our local environment and how to care for them. We will be keeping our own class caterpillars and worms which will support our scientific enquiry by observing changes and behaviours of these minibeasts. We will also be growing our own plants and looking at the conditions they need to flourish. This will include learning about the different parts of a plant and their purpose.


In Expressive Arts and Design, we will be focusing on three different artists and the skills they use to create different styles of art. This will include Nick Mackman who is an animal clay sculpture, Vincent Van Gough and his famous sunflower painting and Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who uses fruit and vegetables to create portraits. We will be using these artists to create our own clay caterpillars, flower paintings and vegetable printing. 


In RE, we will be focusing on what is special about the world and why and how we should look after it.


In Personal, Social and Emotional development we will be developing our independence through tidy up time and working towards simple goals. We will be trying new activities to build our confidence as well as our resilience and perseverance through challenges set.


In PE and physical development we will be using the topic of transport to focus on games. In particular keeping scores, practicing different movements, playing by the rules, understanding what a team is and how to work with a partner. We will be using a range of small tools including scissors and paintbrushes to support our fine motor skills and we will continue to use the tripod grip to hold our pencils effectively.


For Reading, please continue to read with your child for 10 minutes every day.