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Coxheath Primary School


At Coxheath Primary School, Phonics is taught through the Sounds-Write Phonics Programme on a daily basis, which enables the children to become confident, fluent readers before they move on to KS2. In KS1, the children have access to Dandelion Readers Phonics books, which directly link to the units taught in Sounds-Write. We use these books alongside our Phonics sessions and for reading at home, ensuring the children are practising what they are learning in school.

Sounds-Write teaches the children these key skills and concepts:


  • · You can spell a sound with 1, 2, 3 or 4 letters.
  • · There are many different ways of spelling a sound (such as the sound /ae/ in play, rain, gate or break).
  • · A spelling can represent more than one sound (the spelling < ea > in the words sea, head, break).


  • · Segmenting: pulling sounds in words apart – “Say the sounds and read the word.”
  • · Blending: pushing sounds together to make words.
  • · Phoneme manipulation: taking out one sound in a word and putting in another.

These key skills and concepts underpin our Phonics teaching and are constantly modelled by teachers and teaching assistants.

Sounds-Write teaches word-reading right from the beginning of Year R, starting with very simple words and moving onto more complex words. They have moved away from introducing the sounds in isolation and are advocates for teaching the ability to segment and blend words right from the start, ensuring the children have a good understanding of how to word-read successfully.

To support parents with the pronunciation of the letter sounds that children learn in school, please take a look at the short video clip via the following link: